Super Human Technology- Neuralink

Among the creatures on earth, the human race is considered to be the most intelligent creature.
They have started to make every aspect created by nature as it is. The brain of the human race is
working in every kind of development. Not only this, with the help of human brain we have been
able to control our brain. In today’s series we are going to give information about the neurolinks
that are being built for the study of the human brain. Which is being studied and researched by
scientists in various fields.

Neural is a device that can completely transform human civilization. This device can even guide
the human brain. In today’s issue we are going to get information about such a device, which
transforms man into a super human. The main planner of this project is Elon Max, the richest
man in the world and a successful businessman. Neuralink is made up of two words. Neura here
means a neuron that carries the message from our brain to different parts of the body. Due to
which the body works well.

An example can be seen to understand this easily. Like your favorite song is playing on mobile.
After the song, another song is played which you do not like and you skip through the hand. The
combination of brain and hand looks like a device here. The ear hears the song that reaches your
mind. When the mind does not like the song that has reached the mind, it instructs the hand to
sing another song. Seen in this way, the brain is guiding all the organs of the body. This is a two
to three second act.

Now think about what it would be like to change a song on a mobile phone as soon as your mind
thinks, rather than gesturing with your hand to change the song. Yes, this is what NeuroLink
does. Which connects the device to our brain. If so, you will be considered a superhuman. But
even when you think about it, it’s amazing.

Scientists are currently experimenting on this project. In the early stages, scientists have released
a video of a nine-year-old monkey playing a brain game on a computer. While playing the game
through the brain easily, Neurolink was giving information about the activity of the brain. Once
the neurolink is implanted in the human brain, it will become half human and half device. The
idea to build this device came to Elon’s mind at a time when people were becoming more and
more accustomed to machines.

Neurolinks can be connected to the human brain as well as mobile phones. Who can get all the
information about what your mind is thinking. After trying this, if some problem starts appearing
in the brain, the life of the person can be endangered. According to the scientist, with the help

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