Supreme Court writ petition against Prime Minister Oli

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has instructed not to kill the corona patient due to confusion. Stating that
the private sector has a big hand in controlling the corona, they have instructed to solve the process saying
that no citizen should lose his life due to the complication of the process. The Prime Minister has also
stressed on removing obstacles to corona control and coordinating with companies to increase oxygen
production. The Prime Minister also emphasized on the management of cylinders and demand for import
of liquid oxygen from India. He said that attention should be paid to save the lives of the citizens even by
amending the law for the supply of essential health items. They have also given instructions to start the
necessary process immediately.

They have sent oxygen cylinders from the Gulf to Nepal to save the lives of Nepali citizens by cutting
their throats in the Gulf countries. Journalist Deepak Bohora has written a status on his Facebook in this
regard, ‘Nepalis working in the Gulf cut the grass and sent 560 oxygen to their soil. Our leaders, ministers
are campaigning by posting photos of the same oxygen cylinder being distributed. They have tried to
show that the work has been done by the leaders. Let’s look at the Prime Minister of Canada to see how
things work. Corona vaccinators are asking their citizens how they are. Corona is talking to the infected.
Like the Prime Minister of Canada, there is hope. But during this epidemic, the government should come
out of the epidemic and fight against Corona. ’

Lately, media persons have started protesting against political parties. Media person Rabbi Lamichhane,
along with the protesters, is walking with the citizens to save them from the corona. He has been
distributing oxygen to the patients in various hospitals in case of lack of oxygen. He wrote in his status
that 25 patients have been admitted to the 15-bed hospital. He said that the Raskot hospital was also short
of oxygen. He said that he expects everyone’s support for this.
Supreme Court has filed a writ petition against the swearing in of Prime Minister Kapi Sharma Oli. A writ
petition has been filed in the Supreme Court to clarify that his oath was not in accordance with the law.

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