Supreme Mall and Tika Sanu together in the media, dohori between the two, Tika’s plan to win the Supreme

Supreme Malla Thakuri, who reached the semifinals of The Voice of Kids  Born in a big place, Supreme Malla said that it was a matter of pride for her to meet the superhero, even though she did not think that she would reach the living self.  The duo, sung by Tika Sanu and Supreme Malla, have also been traded on YouTube, so they are liked by many people.  According to his mother, he used to run his genitals while struggling to raise his children and meet their needs. He started his struggle in Kathmandu for his son’s future.  4 class are studying.

According to his mother, he has been suffering from an early age and has been suffering from anxiety since his childhood.  Her family was struggling to find happiness after grief. Her son’s voice is now popular in the world. Supreme is now in the top 8 in Voice of Kids.  The biggest thing is for a child to perform in front of a large audience. Pramod Kharel, Raju Lama, Milan Newar and Prabhisa Adhikari are the coaches in The Voice of Kids Season 1. Sushil Nepal is the host.  They have been receiving their remuneration for each episode

The Voice Kids was founded. The Voice Kids has been started with the aim of instilling more interest and teaching in children’s music and to develop their instincts.  Will play a role Young children have become the first medium to present melodious songs to the world through music. From where children will learn a lot. Shortly after the launch of voice of nepal, Voice Kids founded  The program, which is being conducted for the first time in Nepal, has inspired many children to become involved in the music industry. It is an important learning experience for children who have been involved in the music industry since childhood.  Nepali language will be used in the program.

Tika sanu said that in order to win the Supreme Court, he had to not only vote for himself, but also for his friends to have a party on different mobiles.  The coaches of the program, which is being conducted for the first time in Nepal by Voice of Nepal, will have famous artists like Sant Sushil. Many citizens will like the artist.  Raju Lama and Pramod Kharel, the famous singer Prabisha, will be reunited at the event.

Pramod, who played the role of coach from season 1 to 3 of Voice of Nepal, has the highest salary.  It is a good idea to start a new dimension when there is no basis for those who start their journey in the field of children and music. Children’s melodious sweets that are free.  The new coaches in The Voice of Kids, Prabisa and Milan, have just been admitted. Despite being new coaches, they have played the role of coaches perfectly.  If the future is to be built, many will be entertained.

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