Supreme Malla, a child artist in media for first time, in so much pain

Reaching the semifinals of The Voice of Kids, the Supreme Mall of the West, Thakuri, is an artist who has been able to make a living by running his life out of pain, sorrow and deprivation.  The days of grief began when the father of the Supreme Court was trapped in the same way. He spent two years in Kathmandu, leaving his village job to go to Canada. After his father’s dream of going to Canada did not come true, he ran a shop.  The father of the trapped Supreme Court, who could not stay there, went to Malaysia without telling anyone. He started his struggle for the future of his son.  They are studying in class 4.

According to his mother, he has been suffering from an early age and has been suffering from anxiety since his childhood.  Her family has been struggling to find happiness after suffering. Her son’s voice is now popular in the world.  They are requested to do so. They have participated from Raju Lama’s team. Improving the voice of young children up to means that their future is bright. The biggest thing is for a child to go in front of a large audience and perform  Pramod Kharel, Raju Lama, Milan Newar and Prabhisa Adhikari are the coaches in kids season 1.
Sushil Nepal is the host.

The voice kids were established for the development of children’s physical abilities. The voice kids have been started for the purpose of teaching children more interest in music and for the development of their abilities.  Will play an important role in shaping the musical future of the country. Young children have become the first medium to present melodious songs to the world through music. From where children will get to learn a lot.  The Voice Kids has been established.

Launched for the first time in Nepal, The Voice Kids has inspired many children in the field of music. The program will be conducted by famous people who have gained a lot of experience in the country and abroad.  It will be an important learning platform. Nepali language will be used in the program. It will also play an important role for the children who want to spend their future in the field of music.  Raju Lama and Pramod Kharel, who are very sweet in calling Sant Sushil, will be meeting in the coach’s seat in the program.  Obligatory people will be seen.

For the first time in Nepal, we will be able to learn not only entertainment but also a lot from it.  Playing an important role in the bright future, this journey has become an example for those who are interested in music.  Good plate foam will be found. A great musician will come. It will create the future of thousands of children and many will be entertained. A successful talent will be promoted by recognizing the sweet melodies of children.

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