Supreme said that you should keep your sister. What happened between Nisa and Ranpal and Hari?

While Nisa Ranpal, who is known as Viral Tailorwali, was very popular at the moment, Supreme Mall, who is in the heart of the audience from voice of kids, has given voice in the first song. Nisa, who has given voice in more than 20 songs, said that she is very happy after her dream came true. Nisa and Supreme reached the shooting of the music video of the special song “Nach Meri Bhauju” in the lyrics of Satis Adhikari. He has enjoyed singing his songs. Supreme said that she was very happy even when her results came today.

Kalakar, Supreme and Nisa, who have become familiar to many audiences through Nepali songs, have sung and entertained the love story between friends. Supreme has recently said that he is going to appear in Maya Ko Chino serial, he said that he has learned a lot from the senior Kalakar there. Nisa, who was born in Palpa, came to Kathmandu to sing songs, but due to various reasons, she had to return to her village for some time and now she has come back to Kathmandu. Nisa said that even though she came to Kathmandu thinking that she would become Kalakar, she was heartbroken when her dreams were not fulfilled, but now she is happy that the audience likes her.

While his creations are being sung by the generation before, contemporaries, and generations behind, he has said that he took out this song with the aim of giving his creation to the new era as well. He said that he thought. In the field of Nepali music, Kalakar, Supreme Malla Thakuri’s one after another live repetitions and recording songs have started to reach the peak of discussion. Supreme, who became famous through The Voice of Kids, gives justice to songs from all areas. Supreme, who was born in Bajura in the far west, is equally interested in doubles. Lately, from the commercial point of view, from song recording, to the program itself, Supreme Mall has been making good progress, one after another songs have received good response in the market.

From the live duet, other songs have been preferred by the creator. In the recent times, folk songs have become popular in the hearts of listeners. In terms of development, Supreme Malla, who was born in a big area, has been a successful artist who has been able to sing songs by himself, from song recording. After Supreme made his presentation on the voice of kids, he was liked by all the people. Supreme, who has the ability to sing all kinds of songs at a young age, has recently started to hit the market one after another.

Now when new talents are coming to the market one after the other, new artists are appearing in song music. Now, from the contemporary Chautari song, the reality of what is happening in the society has been discussed. While singing the songs, doing the program on the stage, Supreme has developed one after the other, Supreme, who sings the song with equal justice to any song, says that he does not come to sing the song at all, Rosni asks him to hold hands and teach her to dance, repeat. She is saying from the road. Having been competing in Nepali song music for a long time, Aya Supreme has sung a song reflecting love and love with new talent.

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