Surakshya panta: The journey and pain story of Cannes Film Festival

Suraksha Pant, the world’s most successful, most talked about and most talked about actress in the world at the Cannes Festival. . She said that in order to run a movie, first of all, the story should be good, if the production team is all good, then the movie will run and if it is bad, then the movie will not run with only one heroine. After the Nepali people’s faith in Nepali politics was shattered, Balen Sah and Hark Sampang emerged saying that they would do something in the society, but they were not supported by the people of the political parties.

Suraksha Pant, the first Nepali actress to reach Cannes, has arrived in Cannes to act live and make all Nepalis happy. The security guard in the new music video said that the video is trying to send a different message to the society. He said that the music video production team has made the video in a different way and the viewers will love it. The construction team has stated.

Suraksha Pant, who is considered as a successful artist in the field of Nepali films and music videos, is an artist who acts as the story demands. Suraksha Pant, a promising actress in the field of Nepali cinema, turned 27 on February 20. Born in Butwal, Suraksha Pant had passed SLC from the same place. Pant’s Bulagi and Greenbird, which were seen in a very good role in Dipendra Khanal’s film Aama, were in the process of preparation but were not released due to Korna. Suraksha Pant, who has a lot of potential in the field of Nepali cinema, is very popular because of her ability to adapt her character as demanded by her story.

Suraksha, who completed her studies in Civil Engineering from Kathmandu Engineering College in 2014, was more active in her acting career than in her engineering career. Although she has wanted to pursue a career in media or acting since she was a child, she says she is compelled to study engineering. Sometimes it seems that people have to walk on a different path than the path they have taken, when the desires of the house are different, their desires are different. Pant had taken a step forward in the media field by participating in a competition hosted by Image Television. After seeing the show on VJ, the film director called her and offered her a movie, but Pant had to struggle to convince the family. She explains.

Directed by Alok Newar, who is considered to be a great director, his debut film has not been as successful as expected, although the film has not been a success. Although she was offered a second film without reading, it was not released, but her second film, Dhanpati, was released, which earned her good acclaim, after which she has acted in Bhaire, Gopi, Ghar. He seems to be equally interested in music videos as well as movies.

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