surprise: Himalayan Roadies famed Raymon Das Shrestha marries German girlfriend

Ramon Das Shrestha, an exemplary person in the field of Nepali art, is married to his foreign girlfriend. Famous artist Madan Das Shrestha, Ramon Das, son of Madan Das Shrestha, who became the mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City in the recently concluded local elections, is also the host of the famous reality show Himalaya Rudees. Ramon, who is interested in music, started a band together with his friends who were interested in Sanhit, in which he used to play guitar as well as give vocals.

Ramon is also a program presenter on radio and television, and is also a successful restaurateur. In music videos, advertisements as well. Ramon, who is seen as a model, has been successful in many fields. Since his father was an artist, he got the opportunity to act from a young age, he has also acted in movies. Ramon shared a photo of his girlfriend in the year 2021. Ramon has now started his new life by getting married to Mudra, a German citizen, on Thursday, July 14, at Etik restaurant in Kathmandu. According to Hindu tradition, the marriage was attended by family members of both, and some close friends.

According to Hindu culture, the couple, who were tied in marriage, have become suitable for society. Subedhi gave a happy farewell to her daughter, the celebrities who came to the wedding, all of them happily bid farewell to the bride and groom. After falling into a love relationship, they got to know each other and got married. Marriage is a sacred bond, a bond that unites two families.

Marriage According to their tradition, they get married together with everyone with pomp, marriage is also mandatory in life for people. When they reach the age of understanding each other, the possibility of getting hurt later on getting married is less. Since both of them got married knowing each other’s lives, they say that they will lead their lives well later, they became people during the struggle of work life, the couple got to know each other and got married, now they live together with each other.

After meeting, they maintain a close relationship and get married. Her husband says that the marriage of the said couple took place with great fanfare, and people from all walks of life attended their wedding. She says that those who have progressed in the society by struggling with various types of pleasures have developed a relationship quickly, those who have progressed by introducing equal meetings and established good friendships, they say that they have established good friendships, she says that she does not have any problems as there are people who understand in both of their homes. When people associate, after two people’s hearts match, life becomes easy, happiness and sorrow of their life increases, they enter into a marriage bond to run their life.

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