Surprise: Melina Rai broke 5 month old engagement with guitar maestro Sanjeev Baraili

Singer Melina Rai, who has been struggling with Nepali song music for a long time, announced her engagement to guitarist Sanjib Bareilly by posting a photo on Facebook. But now Melina Rai has told on her Facebook that their relationship is not so good, after they stopped getting along, because they both had different opinions, the engagement with Sanjib Bareilly was broken. She said that although they talked about life for a long time during this period, there was a difference.

While Sanjib Bareilly is a composer, arranger, guitarist, singer Melina Rai is a famous singer who can stay in the hearts of millions of viewers. Recently, the singer who has been busy in the festival and recording, is a singer who has settled in the hearts of millions of viewers. Singer Melina Rai, whose ancestral home is Khotang, was born in Darjeeling. Melina Rai’s father, Jibes Rai, is also a famous singer and musician. He was also a teacher.

A singer who grew up in a musical family, she has to wake up early in the morning and start practicing music. Melina, born in a musical family, learned a lot of music from her father. She said in an interview that she was not allowed to eat much food at home to learn music. The songs of Melina, who learned music from a young age, have become famous one after the other, the song called Himalko Kakhma was recorded in 2060 when Rai was 10-12 years old. She participated in the competition and won the title, after that her life started to change, she started singing songs in various movies and other fields.

After the Paul Bharmai Khushi song she sang in the first movie November Rain became a big hit, after collecting about two dozen, she made her own collection named Bahar. As he could not promote the song to such an extent, it did not work much, after that, as he continued to promote his singing competition, his movie songs became very popular. After that, the song Patuki Mathi, Timle Bio Feryo Hey, Kutu Ma Kutu Geet brought him to the top of the discussion.

She says that after the songs became popular, she had to record 6 songs a day. She has told that during the Sanghas, from teaching daily in school, many Sanghas have come here. Although Melina Rai and Sanjeev Regmi are engaged, their wedding date has not been fixed yet. Melina, who got a lot of attention in song music, and Sanjib, who is known as a guitarist, are now being congratulated on social media. Kalakar, who has made his own distinct identity by continuously competing in Nepali song music, is about to get married.

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