Surprise: Rajesh Payal Rai son born to live-in-relationship girlfriend Sangbun Rai & Rai in USA tour

Singer Rajeshpayal Rai, who has earned a lot of attention in the field of music, has been asked the question of when he will get married, but now some media have made waves with the information that has come out.  The news that he is the father of a child, which surprised everyone, has been discussed.  Rajeshpayal was living with a girl named Sangbung Rai for some time.  About two months ago, a close source told them that they had a son, Nepal Press Online wrote.

Sangbung is 26 years younger than Rajeshpayal and is now only 20 years old.  She became close to Rajesh Payal as a fan.  They met informally through a friend.  Both were attracted to each other.  After that, the nearby Nepal Online Press published that they started living together after an affair for some time. Rajesh Payal never wanted to make his love relationship with Sangbung public.Sangbung sometimes used to make TikTok videos with Rajesh Payal.  It’s not that some people didn’t have doubts about their relationship, except for a very close one, no one was together.  Two months ago, Sangbung posted a picture on TikTok after giving birth to a son at Hams Hospital in Dhumbarahi.  She deleted the picture posted with love emoji in a while.  It was assumed that the picture was removed under the pressure of Rajesh Payal.

Singer Rajesh Payal Rai, who has received praise and recognition from home and abroad for his involvement in Nepali song music, has been widely discussed, recently his marriage has been discussed from home to abroad.  Some time ago, after the news that Rajesh Payal Rai is going to marry a girl who is 26 years younger than him came out, Rai did not ask the girl and himself how this news came and who will take charge of the girl if he does not marry.  After publishing the news that he has been living together for a year, another online said that he wrote without asking for the news.

Rajesh Payal Rai said that since she is constantly traveling, she has not thought about marriage.  Rai, who considers the great hero Rajesh Hamal as a close friend, also got married much later, even though he is about to reach 50 years, he is not hindered by the marriage bond.  As mentioned in the news, there is a lot of discussions that Rajesh Payal Rai has been living together with the same girl for a year.  The young woman who came as a fan on So Online for a year, after meeting and falling in love, started living together in preparation for marriage.

The girl said that she used to keep videos of Rajesh Payal Rai on her TikTok and was more active than a fan.  Although Rai is 46 years old, the girl is 20 years old and they have been living together in Rai’s Naxal house for a year.  They used to attend music programs at Naxal’s house and stay with their families at Santinagar’s house.  He has a music program studio at Naxal’s house, and he does other works related to music, sitting there continuously.  So Online has written that after Rajesh Payal and Yubati started living together, people close to them congratulated them, and their relatives were happy.

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