Surprising history – Jung Bahadur daughter Brothel in Varanasi

This is a very surprising history of nepal – the first rana prime minister, jung bahadur rana’s 12 th daughter dambar kumari rana went to varanasi and stared a business there, there was a rumor that the business was a nigh club. Jung bahadur used his power to bring her back to nepal .she brought a technology to desing clothes. The print technology is told to be behind the popular dhoka topi and damabarakumari khasko that is still popular.

According to Sunil Pulak, Dambari Kumari is the first fashionista to start modern clothes and fashion in Nepal. She was the 12th daughter of Jung Bahadur and the eldest daughter of Mina Maharani. The facts written by Purottam Kumar and the statement made by Sunil Pulak do not match. There is a happy story of Nepali Khasko made by Jung Bahadur’s daughter Dambari Kumari. Banarasi Mandi was very lentil during the British rule in India. Where Nepal’s Prime Minister Jung Bagadur or one of his daughters started a business by opening a brothel. She was born to an unnamed wife of Jung Bahadur Rana, Dambari Kumari Rana.

In Nepal, even the relatives of high-ranking people have been found to be active in such wrongdoings, which seems to have a bad effect on many people. When Jung Bahadur Rana’s daughter opened a brothel in India, Jung Bahadur Rana was greatly disgraced in Nepal. After being humiliated in Nepal, Jung Bahadur tried hard to get his daughter back, but he could not get her back. Even when Dhir Samser was requested to bring back his daughter, he could not bring her back. As her business in Banaras was running well, she did not want to leave her business and come to Nepal.

As Jung Bahadur was adamant in his decision, he continued to work for the release of his daughter in Nepal. When his uncle returned, the situation deteriorated when he did not return. Jung Bahadur had sent Raj Purohit to India with full preparations to send his daughter back to Nepal. He told the police to close the room. After the opportunity to do business in India was not available, she returned to Nepal to do business in Nepal. The day before the arrival of the daughter in Nepal, Mr. Jung Bahadur’s death has been mentioned in the account of Mr. Three.

It has been mentioned that when Dambari Kumari came to Nepal, she also brought a printed khasro for her business. Even now, it is known as the Khasro of Dumri Kumari which is in demand all over the world. Khasro, made in Nepali origin, entered Nepal in 1933 BS. Out of the four martyrs of Nepal, one of the martyrs shot Khasro for the last time. This Khasro was given to him by his girlfriend Rana Yubati. It is made of fine cotton fabric, filled with red and black patterns. People move their tongues in different ways to fulfill their needs and desires, to live their lives in a different way.

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