Swagat Nepal said- They will hit MCC vice president if they meet

MCC is a hot topic in Nepal right now. A recent meeting of the Nepal Communist Party’s Standing Committee revealed strong divisions among its members over whether the federal parliament should ratify the U.S.-based Millennium Challenge Corporation’s Nepal Compact or not. However, there was opposition from some party officials who believed that it was part of Washington’s Indo-Pacific Strategy, which contains military components aimed at opposing China, our friendly neighbour. When it comes to conflict resolution, the compact says it will take precedence over Nepal’s existing laws.

During the interview with Swagat, he sounded like he was fully against MCC. Not only him but 70% Nepalese are against it. As he sees it, he won’t miss a single opportunity to discredit MCC. He claims that the airport has been prepared for the arrival of the US Army. In order to sell the country, our leaders have prepared themselves well. However, we were the nation’s most ardent supporters. We love and respect our country. All Nepalese are going to attack the US forces if the MCC gets inside of the country. Nepalese don’t need guns or any other weaponry, he said, because household items are sufficient. This group is prepared to strike US agencies no matter where it goes. However, they will not acknowledge the notion that there are MCC agents in Nepal.

Fatima intends to visit Nepal, but she will be blindfolded in the public eye. Fatima will not visit Nepal, but will be present for the signing of the US-Nepal MCC agreement. The public, on the other hand, is not a fool. Political leaders, according to Swagats, are attempting to sell the country. They’re attempting to destroy it. which of the Nepalese people will not accept

According to Swagat, the strategy envisions extensive connections between security, governance, and economics. Despite the fact that it does not mention the MCC, another study published two months earlier states unequivocally that support under the agreement is included in the IPS. According to an analyst who worked for the MCC’s Nepal office, Nepal should regard the MCC as an economic component of the IPS. Being a part of a “military alliance” does not always imply ratifying the MCC. According to economists, Nepal should embrace any economic assistance and that approving the MCC would be beneficial to the country. Even the Chinese Ambassador has expressed his disappointment.


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