Swastima and Prakash Saput: one to do the other

In recent times in Nepali movies and music videos, the discussion is on the popular model Swasti Khadka and, with Nepali songs being sung, music videos, Prakash traveling to movies, Nepali viewers were very much interested. Khadka Achal Sarma was also featured in the song composed by Prakad Saput some time ago. The song is still watched by 20 million people. Now Prakash Saput and Swasti Khadka in the song, as they did not work, and working for money, many people are pulling into the controversy.

Prakash Saput is an artist who has struggled to elevate Nepali folk music. His songs have been accused of plagiarism. Have loved so much From country to country, from stage to stage, to be a successful artist who has earned a lot of money from the field of music.

There has been a lot of talk lately that Prakash Saput has started promoting brand liquor, even under the law of Nepal. A few days ago, Prakash Saput, holding a glass of liquor in his hand and holding a bottle together, had openly spread Nepali liquor called ‘Sarangi’, which had dragged Saput into controversy. “I am ready to cooperate,” he wrote on social media after being told that he would do some social work in Nepali music society. He wrote that sometimes for the right drinkers, there may be a new taste.

In Prakash Saput’s post, many people pointed out that Saput was doing wrong for money, drowning his hard work for years. Many people have commented in the post that it is wrong to choose the path of the famous face, even if people drink alcohol or not. A successful Nepali actress who, in recent times, has become one of the most popular actresses, has become a matter of pride for all Nepalis, due to the demand from her Southern films. As Swastima is a heroine associated with many brands in the market, everything she gives carries a positive message in the society.

Many people are raising their voices after the release of the movie South malika, the acting of Swastima, and her role in the movie. In the song, it is shown that the auction of youth is taking place in the rooms in Nepal. Since prostitution is not legal in Nepal, the three characters who have come to visit Nepal, are openly involved in prostitution of Nepalis. Swastima has been accused of playing a foreign film for money as she did not understand the meaning of the song. The audience has said that the role they have played in the song should be understood and that there is a big difference between the work they have done now and the work they are doing in foreign projects and at home.

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