Swastima khadka says this about the discussion of Indian films and songs!

Swasti Khadka is one of the most popular successful actresses in the Nepali film industry. She has succeeded in making her own identity in the film world. She has even modeled in many movies and songs. In today’s series, how is the heroine Swasti Khadka going about her daily routine during the lockdown? And we’re going to talk about what’s going on with her.

At a time when the corona infection has invaded the world, Nepal has also been paralyzed for about a month now. In this case, every sector is at a standstill. The world of Nepali cinema is also deserted. In the difficult situation of Corona, the heroine Swasti Khadka is also escaping from Corona and spending time at home in a normal way. At other times, she has become lazy in the comfort of not being able to stay at home due to work arrangements. During last year’s lockdown, she spent many days watching movies every day. In this time of lockdown, she is focusing on reading books rather than watching movies. She says that she is not interested in reading the book already. But this time she is focusing on her studies. Swastima, who lives a normal life, had contracted herself for many jobs before she went to work.

You probably don’t like her acting in the movie. But now Swastima’s fans can see her even in the theater. She has been seen in the role of Pulpasa in the novel Pulpasa Cafe written by writer and journalist Narayan Wagleddhara. She has even visited Darjula as the novel uses the language spoken in the far west. She will be seen in the role of Pulpasa as soon as Lockdown opens. Many fat artists have come from the theater. But Swasti has entered the theater after settling in the film industry.

Swastima, who looks strong in the field of Nepali films, has tried to show her acting even in the neighboring country India. He has been selected for Indian films. She said that from this opportunity, she will be able to learn more in the field of acting. As the rate of corona infection has decreased in Nepal and India, Swastima’s performance will also be seen in Hindi films.

She is also set to star in a movie called Cold Man. Swastima’s look has also come out in the film. He said that the character to be played in the film will be seen only after the shooting of the film
Abbal Swastima says that she enjoys singing along with acting. She has expressed her desire to record songs in her own voice. She said that she is ready to fulfill her dream as soon as possible.

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