Sweat dripping down the bay opened the magnificent resort on the riverbank: this is the story of Sukute River Fun

After visiting all the places in the country and abroad, people feel good about earning in their country and the climate from all areas. People go abroad saying that there is no income in Nepal. Bimal Giri has seen a lot of potential in Nepal after touring all over the country and abroad. After realizing that he had come to a foreign country instead of taking advantage of the opportunities of his country, he decided to leave abroad and do something in Nepal. According to the operator, a group of friends who have lived in both the countries for 10-12 years, after going to Nepal and collecting 200-300 dirams every month, some 70-80 lakh dirhams have been deposited.

Sukute River Fun Resort, a beautiful place in 3 Sera Bagar, Sunkoshi Govt. He said that the resort was built four years ago even though it was started on the home stage. “Working abroad, on the advice of friends, how much to work abroad, if we can do something in our own country, we can do a lot better in the future,” he said.

He said that since 2009 they have been thinking of finding a hotel in Nepal. At present, the restaurant is spread over an area of ​​35 ropanis on the banks of the river. He said that now all kinds of people can live in yachts and yacht ventures. He said that you can swim and go yachting up to 10 kilometers. Sitting on the banks of the river Bhotekoshi, observing the whole area, plants and various fruits have also been cultivated there.

He says that after the open publicity of the resort, he is not able to provide services now. People have started their life by struggling a lot in their lives. Seeing that people booked and secured a place 15 days ago a week ago, the so-called lunatics in the early days are now starting to believe. If people search for eight places, wherever the opportunities are sitting face to face. People have to struggle day and night to make themselves successful.

The business, which believes in quality and authenticity, is now vanquished. If it is good, then whoever has the demand, he has the idea that he should start doing good work. He says that the first desire to make the customer happy is to provide the service facility as stated by the customer. Gathering experience from home and abroad, he says that he has been doing business by choosing a place that no one has seen, and now he is not able to provide service. People say that they have to book in advance to avail the service facility. Nowadays, there is a dilemma as to whether to do business as a builder or not.

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