Sweet repetition of viral teller nisha.

The presentation of “Inepal Khabar” which is working day and night for the protection and promotion of Nepali folk song can be seen and heard simultaneously on various radios and Youtube channels of Nepal. Many people have dreamed of making a name for themselves in the music industry, some of them have made their future by making a lot of publicity in a short period of time, while some people have struggled for a long time. They are not tired.

Sital Gurung and Nisa Ranpal, two of the most popular singers in today’s episode, have rehearsed the song “Chhitij Pari Unko Basti Ma” in Vaka. The two have a sweet reunion about my love and the current situation, which in a short time has attracted a lot of viewers. People who are in love are eager to meet and open the love things that are stuck in their minds. Maya is being persecuted by love day and night, her girlfriend is telling her how many times she has lost herself and how to erase the anxiety in her heart.

Nisa Ranpal, popularly known as Viral Taylorwali, is very popular at the moment. Nisa, who has been missing for some time, has again come into the limelight after a lot of viewers liked her on social media. She said that she lost her mobile phone for some time and when she went home, she did not see any music and later she came to this area. Recently, Git Sangeet, .Live Dohori, Best performers on stage program, Supreme Mall and Nisa have sung Dohori in the interview.

Kalakar, Sital and Nisa, who have become very popular among the audience through Nepali song and music, have been singing and entertaining over and over again in the subject of love between friends. She said that Nisa, who was born in Palpa, came to Kathmandu to sing, but due to various reasons, she had to return to the village for some time and later returned to Kathmandu. Nisa has said that she used to go to Kathmandu to become an artist, but she was sad when her dream was not fulfilled.

He said that he composed this song with the aim of giving his creations to the new age as his creations were sung by the previous generation, contemporaries and later generations. He has said that he has in mind. One after another live rehearsals and recordings of Sital and Nisa, who are very popular in the field of Nepali music, have reached the peak of discussion. Now, with the advent of new talent, new artists are appearing in music. Nowadays, the real issue of double cow society has been examined from the time of Chautari. While singing the songs, while performing the program stage, the Supreme Court has been developing one after the other.

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