Swoopna Suman marries Jyotsna Yogi a dog lover: an interesting story of music, relationship & love

Swoopna Suman, a popular young singer, married model and actress Jyotsna Yogi on May 4, 2022, after courting her for four years.

Baacha Bhayo, their wedding song, has been published on the occasion of their wedding. Swoopna Suman and Jyostna Yogi play the lead roles in this song. Swoopna Suman proposes to Jyostna Yogi in a really adorable movie, and the rest of the film is of their wedding events. On May 6, the video was released to YouTube.

In Nepal, it appears that celebrities have begun to marry quietly in recent days. Keki Adhikari and Barsha Siwakoti married in secret the last time, and the revelation made headlines thereafter. Rekha Thapa’s second marriage was equally unexpected, taking place in a private ceremony. Jyotsna and Swoopna’s marriage is the most recent in the series.

Jyotsna’s debut film was a flop at the box office. She has since had success in music videos and has been in a variety of advertising. She has been in several online series, one of which also included her spouse.

Swoopna Suman, the singer husband, began his singing career in 2012 and is a YouTube fame. He has a number of super hit songs to his credit and is well-liked by Nepalese youth. Swoopna is recognized for his long hair and charming demeanor.

Swoopna and Jyotsna appear to be created for one other, don’t you think? I wish Swoopna Suman and Jyotsna Yougi a long and happy marriage, and hope their great bond continues throughout their lives. Congratulations and best wishes for a happy future for them. Please leave a remark below with your requests.

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