Take a look at the amazing motorcycles made by Nepali youth

People have been able to make a name for themselves and their country wherever they have the opportunity. People have been sent abroad without proper resources in Nepal.  The young man, who has been tested, is considered to be from a poor family. The young man who makes cheap bikes in Nepal than the foreign bikes needs special help from the government. His continuous hard work and dedication has brought him closer to the goal.  He said that the young man, who had played with various afflictions, now needed help.

18 years ago, Sagar Pokharel, a resident of Padinchowk, Sindikharka Municipality-1, Ardakhachi, made a bike that is powered by electronic power.  No one has the skills, they are left behind without any investment. People with skilled labor are left behind because the government of Nepal does not give them protection. Those who have money, no one looks at such talented people.

Apart from building houses, bridges and roads, he studied electronics and mechanics as a civil engineer sub-overseer.  He says that he can make other materials if he gets support. Sagar, who thinks that he can do something if he has the opportunity, talks about making 2 lakh Nepali bikes.  Has been

Using a 48-volt battery, he uses LED headlights on the bike. The bike also runs backwards as required. The three-brake vehicle has food brakes, hand brakes and E-brakes.  Due to which there is a possibility of stopping after the need. There is nothing that people don’t want. Everything can be made by making all the same things.

He named the motorcycle Electronic MASB after his family name. The vehicle weighs up to 600 kilograms and can run at speeds of 45-50 degrees.  He has the full support of his father who believes that he cannot fail. He says that he has never been happier on the day he made a bike. His father, who is happy with his son’s progress, now considers himself lucky.  If given the opportunity to build an electronic car, the board can make a variety of materials.

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