Tamang’s wedding with singer Khem Century is confirmed, the secret is not revealed

Popular singer Januka Tamang spoke on current affairs with host Kamal Sargam on Lokmala, a program broadcast on Prime Times HD. Januka, a successful singer who came to Nepal from abroad, has now brought an entertaining song to the market with her special husband. The couple, who have been competing in the world of Nepali music for a long time, are bringing their music video to the market as Haritalika Tij, the great festival of Nepali women, is approaching.

Januka Tamang’s special song “Oi Budha” by Januka Tamang, who has made a distinct identity by engaging in Nepali music, has come to the market from Januka Tamang’s YouTube channel. On the occasion of Haritalika Tej, the great festival of Nepali women, Nepali artists are bringing their talent to the market. In collaboration with Khem Century and Januka Tamang, they have brought the song to the market in an entertaining way, including the bittersweet things in village homes.

Since many people are commenting on how long Khem and her song will be released, she said that the song has been brought to the market because the audience likes the combination of the two. Januka said that Khem is a creator, model, and singer because he has a lot of talent. She has said that the song has become a match in the lives of many people. Although there is no scene of rain in the video, she said that when shooting the same scene after it rained continuously for 3-4 hours, the audience liked it a lot.

She said that even though she does not act, she has acted in the same way that time has given her. Even though she has acted unknowingly, she has said that the audience has given her a lot of love. She said that even though her creations are loved by everyone, some music videos are highly preferred by the audience. She said that Oi Budha song also carries social sentiments, it has given a positive message in entertainment and society.

Many viewers have said that she has preferred her collaboration with Khem for a long time after coming to the music industry. From commercial songs to songs of other subjects, all the songs with Khem have been successful, so she has said that there are many collaborations. . She has said that even though many people have requested her to be husband and wife, now they are only good friends and tomorrow there will be a difference in marriage. She has said that she is constantly striving to keep her talent in the audience by engaging in song music.

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