Taylor singer Nisa and Ram Pariyar were in the media together

Artists Ram Pariyar, Nisa Ranpal, and Durga Prasai, who are emerging in the field of song music and are very popular in a short period of time, have come together in the media and talked about contemporary issues in song music. Nisa Ranpal, who thought that she would make her future by engaging in music, was left behind as she could not put her talent in the right place. Dreaming of doing something in Git Sangeet, Ranpal thought that she would earn money by going abroad as she did not have the hand she had dreamed of, but the last time she sang folk songs in her hometown, she did not reach the peak of much discussion.

Later, she was running her own business as a tailor. After her song went viral, she says that she is doing very well now. To make a living, foreign singer and musician Durga Prasai has asked the now viral singer Ram Pariyar and singer Nisa Ranpal to sing a song. A new music video is being prepared by the artists who are very interested in the field of live rehearsal. Durga said that while she was constantly composing songs, she did not get that much recognition, encouraging newcomers and siblings, and encouraged the emerging artists.

Jamuna Pariyar said that when she went to India for a program, her brother sang a song and her song became popular. In Tiktok Yap, which has been used by a lot of people lately, after the voice of Ram Pariyar of Ardhakhachi went viral, most people have said that he has a voice like that of Swar Samrat Raju Pariyar.

Nisa Ranpal, popularly known as Viral Taylorwali, is very popular at the moment. Nisa, who has been missing for some time in the meantime, has come into the limelight after a lot of viewers liked her on social media. After losing her mobile phone for some time and going home, she said that she did not look at music and later she came to this area. Recently, Git Sangeet.

Ram Bahadur Pariyar, who is struggling in India, came to Nepal to work in the field of art. And the National Folk Dual Institution that Secretary Jamuna Rana brought to Nepal from India, her ability to do well in singing, and having a voice like that of Swar Samrat Raju Pariyar, can make Rana a man like you good at song music, you have a good market. Ram says that he will help me.

Although he has always liked folk songs, since he is in India, he sometimes sings Hindi songs in programs and says that he likes Nepali language culture very much. While singing Nepali songs, many people said to him, he has such a good voice, you go to Nepal and struggle, even though the words come from everyone, he says that he did not come at first, then he came to Nepal after meeting Jamuna Rana. Explains While in the village, he said that he was very happy when a sophisticated spectator liked the song sung by a sir.

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