Teacher sentenced to death for rape

The teacher is the guide of the student, the future teacher of millions of children, the past activities, the kind of can’t see or hear, no one can look at the children he has raised with bad eyes, because of some bad minded people, even good people have problems. Are. Due to a couple of bad thinking people, even a good person loses faith.

The society already considers the Guru as its parent Guru Devta, the society that respects the Guru even before God, nowadays has started to hate seeing the deeds of the same Guru. Some recent events in the society have also tarnished the image of the Guru. In Indonesia, a teacher has raped 13 children, eight of whom are pregnant.

The teacher was sentenced to death for raping 13 Islamic schoolchildren in Indonesia, according to Reuters. The party had demanded the death penalty in protest of the court’s decision.

The victim was sentenced to death on Monday after the victim appealed to a court seeking the death penalty for raping 13 children in the Islamic community between 2016 and 2021, and eight of them were found to be pregnant. Was done. The incident prompted the Indonesian government to issue a warning to prevent sexual violence in religious schools.

Children need Brahma Bishnu and Maheshwar to nurture and destroy creation, but it has been accepted that the work of these three forms of God is done by the same person. Guru and Sisya are a sacred relationship, which people worship and respect as God, when those people are on the wrong path. In recent times, people have started to change in such a way that they have started forgetting the relationship between them.

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