Team of Bhaisi Ladyo singer’s son : At Darjeeling Meraki Band Elimination

The journey of the Miraki Band, which reached the top 5 by going through various stages, is over, being out of the champion, feeling a little sad, having struggled a lot during the five month journey and, it would have been better if they could have taken one step further.  He said that he felt.  He said that although he tried to make a difference in each episode, even though he cried a little when he came out in the last one, he was very happy to learn a lot from the band champion and was inspired to move forward by making further progress.

As the bands move forward in the competition on the basis of votes, these nights need votes to move the good bands forward.  Husab has established the band self by organizing the Nepali band and introducing the band to the music as well as the subconscious, from where the talents of many artists who have been established in their future band and taking the steps forward will be inspired.

The program, which will be broadcast on mt.everest digital youtue channel on Saturday at 9:15 pm, will be hosted by Megha Shrestha.  Today is the second round day of the band champion Nepal.  In Nepal, by developing Galakala, Bhasa, culture, culture and positive feelings of Nepalis, by developing their physical, mental, physical, they have become various champions to bring out their potential.

In order to develop new artists in the band from all walks of life, Band Champion seeks to develop the talents of competitors.  Have been happening.  While refining the cheeks, blackness and talents of Nepalis, in the process of cultivating new talents, where the person is not me, we should try to move forward with the group, to work in a group.  Nepal Band has become the champion in terms of making our work quantitative, collaborating with guitar drums and keys, and promoting rock bhak and folk humming.

A small band from South Asia, Mt.  To do, it has a purpose.  Nepal Band Champion has been established to search for modern instruments, the country’s number one instrument.  Who would want to date a successful band out of thousands of bands?

The band champion has been established to showcase the talents of the people involved in music, gala, kala along with their whole.  Famous Nepali artists are in the role of judges.  Deb Rana, a drummer who has been playing drums for over 50 years and has been interested in music since childhood, is a judge.  Together, they joined the Sun Prism band, one year after its inception.  He has been showing his talent from the field in drums during his lifetime.

Jyoti Ghimire, who was the second judge, started his career from football, but later he started enjoying music.  In Division A football, Annapurna, playing for RCT, moved away from Jyoti Fut, when he came close to the guitar field.  He made his first commitment on March 10, 1983, and has made countless subsequent commitments to advance his future.  In his 30 years of Nepali song music, Jyoti is considered to be very good at playing the guitar.  He has given his tongue to the guitar, giving birth to many new artists in his life.

Rabin Tamang, the third judge, is a member of a military family, but he has chosen a different path.  During his student days, he was influenced by GB Hands Git and devoted his journey to the field of Git music.  After arriving in Nepal in 1996, Luz joined the band.  He is popular in classical music and says that he would be happy if his music gave a positive message to the audience.  Tamang, who has also acted in films, says that he has spent a long period of his life in the field of art.

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