That Bodhisattva Swami, this ascetic actress. Swami Ananda Arun and Namrata Sapkota

Even though every human being is buried in the ground, their way of life, work, daily life is going on in a different way. There are very few people who question life and the world, in this line is Swami Ananda Arun, who after years has found the path of love, love and happiness and has broken the barrier of greed and selfishness within himself. It was the beginning of a new life in the midst of the rushing noise. Now on this path from natives to foreigners, from small to big people have started walking on this path, humility has prevailed on this path.

Man’s life is also amazing, where he is increasing his needs day by day, no matter how much he finds himself missing something. Is life just for a piece of bread? Can’t the society we live in be free from violence and discrimination? What are we looking for in this whole language? Haven’t we had a chance to look back on our own lives? Man is playing with a variety of phenomena without understanding his life, which is playing an important role in changing man’s life.

In this episode, there is an epoch-making conversation between Swami Ananda Arun, a spiritual personality of the previous generation who met spiritual happiness, and Namrata Sapkota, a spiritual seeker of the last generation, about happiness, freedom and fear of life. It is up to man to live his life for the sake of society and family, to give up his desires, to live an independent life by putting all these things aside. While many people are bound to social bonds for others, some people give up all these things for themselves and become spiritual.

When a person understands his own life, all the things he has done in his life to earn money and hurt the feelings of others seem to have gone wrong, he is regretting his life, a new way to live a new life of happiness and joy. Are building. Born into a spiritual family, Namrata Shrestha is a rising star in the Nepali film industry. After Oso’s retirement, Namrata got a new life, her life changed after taking the name of Khushi, now she has changed her life and is enjoying in the new world.

The family wanted to make him an engineer, but he changed his life after he went to India and met Osho. As an engineer he has done a lot of work in life, made a lot of plans, he is now fighting for the happiness of his life. There are many people who walk the path of happiness. Born in Bhairahawa, Namrata passed 10th class from there. Namrata, who has been enjoying dance songs since childhood, moved to Kathmandu after 10th class and continued her daily acting journey.

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