The 4-year-old daughter laughed in front of the sick Anita Khadka and Binod

Anita Khadka is slowly recovering from her illness and will return home in a few days. Anita, who is preparing for Astelia, says that she is suddenly dreaming of sending her daughter to Astelia. Anita came to the media after her health deteriorated, she had to undergo treatment for a long time and it cost a lot of money.

Binod Anita’s couple, who were happy 34 months ago, were very happy. Later, when Anita’s health deteriorated, everyone hoped that Anita would survive, but when her husband Binod tried not to give up, Anita is now able to speak after a long treatment. She will be discharged soon after her health improves. People in the country and abroad have played an important role in saving the lives of the people who are in distress in Nepal by providing assistance from their region. After Anita’s major operation was successful, she is able to speak.

For a month, he said, the wounds in the valley did not heal completely, so he was fed through a pipe. According to Binod’s sister, Anita, who has been in a hospital bed for a long time, had a successful hard operation on her birthday. Binod, who has been sad since the day Anita fell ill, for the first time has made a happy face that Anita can speak like me. Anita underwent a successful operation on December 15, the day of her birth.

Not spending all his time on other things, all the doctors in the hospital are overjoyed with Binod and her sister. Doctors were happy to say that the first impossible hard operation was successful, but Binod and others were even happier. Anita Khadka of Gulmi district was married to Binod Khadka in 2072 BS

When Binod Khadka went to work, Anit had called Binod saying that he had a headache. Binod also came home soon and took him to the hospital for treatment. He was shocked when he found out that he had a brain humor after undergoing a thorough check-up of his head. After finding out that he had a sense of humor, Binod, who had been hearing various things from people, went to treat him without caring about anyone.

As more and more health problems began to appear, Binod was brought to Kathmandu Teaching Hospital for further treatment, on the advice of a doctor. After being treated at Manmohan Hospital, he started needing various things in Kathmandu. As a couple who loved each other very much, they were supported by everyone in the hospital. As the days went by, they started spending more than Rs 1 lakh a month. After the loss of his property, the couple, who loved him so much that he had to survive, began to get a lot of support from people in the country and abroad.

Binod continued to help each other in times of distress, giving up all work and putting it in his service. Seeing her love in Jiban, all the people started helping her. He was also treated at Binod’s house. Even though people talked to each other, their love grew more and more. In today’s world of selfishness, people are getting ready to remarry as soon as their wives get a little sick.

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