The accused who killed the killer of Viral Santoshi made such a frightening statement

Police have arrested the person who killed Santoshi Subba within 24 hours. Santoshi was found dead in the toilet of a picnic spot in Dakshinkali while walking around with different sounds of birds. According to the police, he was taken inside the unused toilet and killed. Santoshi, who used to reach Dakshinkali from time to time, has finally reached Dakshinkali and stayed there forever. The accused has confessed to the crime after being arrested by the police.

After the arrest, the accused was taken to the Upatyaka Crime Branch for a statement. The face of the deceased Santoshi was in an unidentified condition. The accused involved in the incident is Suresh Timilsina, 29, of Dakshinkali Municipality, Sangachokgadhi, Sindhupalchok District. The deceased Santoshi had complained that the accused Suresh had food and accommodation problems. Suresh, on the other hand, said that he would take food and sleep on the bus for Santoshi. Suresh had tried to rape Santoshi by force. But Santoshi retaliated. After Santoshi retaliated several times, Suresh strangled Santoshi to death. After the murder, he repeatedly damaged his face with stones, according to the police. After the incident, the accused Suresh was arrested by the police for hiding.

Santoshi’s body was found half-naked in the public toilet. The scars on his face were so severe that even part of his jaw had come out. Police said that Santoshi’s body was found in such a painful condition. The clothes and ornaments worn by Santoshi were scattered everywhere. Santoshi shouted when the accused tried to rape her. According to the police, the accused Suresh strangled Santoshi and killed him for fear of making a fuss.

Accused Suresh had been working as a co-driver in the bus. He also worked for Jamie. After Santoshi said that he had problems eating and sleeping, he said that he would arrange for him to sleep on the bus. Suresh had just taken Santoshi to the spot. Police also recovered Santoshi’s mobile phone and charger from Suresh.

There is no long-term acquaintance between the deceased Santoshi and the accused Suresh. From time to time Santoshi used to reach Dakshinkali. The day before the incident, she was staying at a hotel in Dakshinkali. She said that she met the accused Suresh while having lunch at the hotel and during the conversation she had problems staying in the hotel as she did not have money. At the same time, Suresh had taken her to the spot in the evening saying that he would arrange for her to sleep on the bus. On the way from the hotel to the bus stop, Suresh offered sex but was killed by Santoshi after he refused.

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