the amazing place of Salyan, Kupande Dah Mid-west salya!

The more you travel in Nepal, the more power comes to your body, and the more you can experience a new place, from where a power arises in a person’s life, says Sachin Neupane, who studies social sciences. Although I could not read about Nepal in the book, Purvi Blues started showing story scenes from all over Nepal on youtube channel.

Due to the lack of publicity for natural gifts in Nepal, which is not known to anyone except the locals, Sachin started this journey to identify the best places in Nepal. Starting the journey from Srinagar, the big market of Salyan district, and visiting various places, we found interesting and isolated places. Beautiful view of blue water, clear lake that attracts people. He said that he thought that the name of the lake may have been changed to Kupande Lake because of the existence of a different lake, where Kupenda would be sacrificed. The lake has been changing color for two to three months, locals said.

Starting from Tulsipur Birendra Chowk in Dang, traveling to Salyan Rukum is a lot of fun and entertainment. Sankhmul, which has religious historical significance, is considered to be very important, the shadow area where Ashta will be worshiped. The shadow area on the east bank of the Sarada River in Salyan is a religiously important area. Many areas can be seen from the top of the hill, looking at the stone on the upper level of the temple, there is a place to see in the distance, there is a missing person looking for Jada first, after looking from there. Starting the journey from Ghorai Bazaar in Dang Valley, it is fun to visit various historical and religious places. A naturally formed village, where even when a person is ill, people only seek the advice of a dhami for treatment.

The fun here is different with the beautiful scenery, mountains, lakes, rivers and streams. Areas that are not known to many people, are very important, where there are religious places for the treatment of the mentally ill. Nepal, a country full of natural, cultural and religious landscapes, has places that attract people to various places, where by wandering, people disappear in a moment of a thousand sorrows and pains in their hearts and experience a new life. Developed countries make various man-made materials to attract tourists. But because of the inability to manage the gifts of nature made in Nepal itself, people do not know about the scenes in many places.

As work stress, pressure from various other places increases in one’s life, one has to look for a place to control one’s mind, calm, beautiful, green, solitary, a place to change one’s life, which can be found in abundance from big cities of Nepal to cities. Do There are places in Nepal where there is greed, where people are left to visit due to lack of publicity.

Geographically, Nepal is divided into three parts, the Himalayas, the hills, the Terai, where there are different styles of dress, language, culture, customs, manners. When you feel greedy, laughing and joking with people, the moments of rejoicing in the village are different, which gives a person a different identity. Although it is difficult to travel to developing villages, looking at the settlements, the water and beauty of the place has given people more power than that.

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