The answer of the sky to the one who had to chew the iron chura.

Akash Shrestha is a promising warrior of the Nepali film world. He has gained experience by acting in many movie music videos till date. Lately, there are many artists in the field of Nepali acting.  Even the contributing artists have started the journey from 0 points and built a new structure in spite of their grief. Aakash Shrestha says that the Nepali art field should also be respected and moved forward. Aakash has made great progress in the field of Nepali art in a short time.  Time makes it difficult for him to take even a moment.
The love she got during the shooting in Sikkim, India was not less. There were many spectators who came to meet her when she was in Sikkim.  Awareness has been added. While getting the love of the viewer, other motivations to work are awakened. Aakash Shrestha says that a kind of radiance comes in the work.
People should not be despised by comparing them with others in life. People’s lives are incomparable. It is not known when and where they will reach. People do not take time to change.  Akash, who worked in the loan department at SBI Bank, says he went to the area to get work experience. He got good experience.  He says that he agrees to go to the field to get work experience instead of money.

Shrestha says, Rajesh Hamal, Bhuvan KC says that Shrestha entered this field after watching the films of Shrestha Dhirendra Dai. He has been known as one of the best artists lately.  He says that he gets the same amount of love when he goes out for work. He says that he gets more energy to work in that area. He also says that he is often in controversy.  Because of the turmoil in the mind, I wondered what would happen in the coming days. Now it doesn’t happen so much.Saying that he got his first love from his family, Nayak Shrestha shows that his family is also responsible. He says that love started from his family.  Life goes on at its own pace, but he admits that he is learning something new.  He says that doing so should motivate the mind.

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