The argument of the heroine who became a victim of trolls in the interview, what to say again saying that she had to give spices?

The movie industry, which has been closed for some time due to Korna, is slowly reopening one movie hall after another.  Line in LA is preparing to hit the cinema hall on June 20, which was shot more outside Nepal.  Talks have been held with actress Axa Bist and director Bas Bissu on film and other topics.  Artists who are constantly struggling to elevate Nepali films, are trying to elevate one film after another.

Axa, who has been struggling in the Nepali film industry for a long time, later started her career in the United States.  Including artists living outside of Nepali origin, the film seeks to convey a positive message to the society.  Axa said that life in Nepal and the United States is very different.

Basu, who has been living in the US for 19 years, said that even though he lives in the US, he still loves Nepali society very much.  He said that he went to the United States because there was not much development in Nepal at first and he was thinking of going abroad to make a good living.  He said that although he had never seen his life in Nepal before, now he is struggling to come to Nepal and dream of doing something for his country and nation.  Axa said that she did not go abroad without finding a market in Nepal.

He said that he had gone abroad saying that nothing had happened in Nepal, that he had not gone abroad and that he would go abroad and become a good person and start a good life in Nepal again.  He said that the film, which was shot in the US and Nepal, was made with love and a life story.  The film depicts the true and wrong deeds in Nepali society, the real life in Nepali society, which shows the human life.

Axa said that she likes the work of Pradip Khadka and the acting of Suraksha as the heroine.  Although Basu has raised 80% of his investment, he has said that he will come from other parts of Nepal as well.  Axa said that she still enjoys washing and polishing.  She says that even though she is interested in life, she is not in a relationship with anyone.  She says that if someone has some basis to understand about their life, living a good life with them is a good thing.

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