The art of leading won itself. Buddhist philosophy Dr. Yogi Vikashananda.

Dr. Bikasananda said that because people have the habit of doing the things that come in their life by themselves as much as possible, they teach them to fight against every situation. He said that in order for a person to get respect from others, he should also respect himself. He said that until a person does something by himself, he cannot make others do it. In order to make his life worthwhile, any creature has to put his intelligence, wisdom and hard work in the right place.

In life, people have said that in order to get something from others, they should do it to others first. He said that what no animal knows should not be done immediately, it should be done later. He said that since there are many negative things in human life, it should be taken as positive. The tiger does not fix the deer, the deer is fixing itself, no one has to complain to others, nothing can be solved by running away because others have written it, it is always appropriate to find a solution to the problem. He said that because the world has become stronger, he has a very big weakness, and he should always be strong and live.

He said that when a person stops sperm in his life, the energy to work in his life is reduced. Dr. Bikasananda Yogi, an intellectual personality, researches various aspects of the society and changes them in a new way. In Ayurvedic, a yogi who believes in religion and karma also gives the same knowledge about its advantages and disadvantages, people seem to be sick due to their own reasons in most places, they are found to be harboring evil within themselves. Nothing in the world that is impossible has been found till date, which are complementary to each other.

Doctor Yogi has said that if people do good work, everyone respects them and when they do bad things, everyone respects them according to their work. Dr. Yogi says: Man’s downfall happens in two ways, one is through uncontrolled sex and the other is through non-violence, so he said that people should always do these things in the right way. Until these two things are understood, no matter where a person goes, he is sure to fall, that’s why he said that people should always be concerned about where sex and ego will take them.

He said that Raban used to cut off one head with a sword instead of worshiping him by offering flowers. Doctor Yogi has said that in order for people to do great things, they have to break the bonds made by the society. He said that people look for good things and the fact that they don’t have free time also affects their lives. Every person should plant a sapling in order to make a good fortune in life.

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