The artist will win the election or the bail will be forfeited

After the people got tired of the leaders and activists, after the people who worked for the people were able to win the local level elections, one after the other people who are public figures started standing in the elections.  After increasing political activity in all areas, artists who are known as jewels of the nation are now moving forward in the political field.

Rapper Balen Sah, after becoming the mayor of the Kathmandu metropolis and doing one famous work after another, has registered his candidacy in the provincial and representative assembly elections, saying that artists will win equally.  Some artists wearing Dasain photos have gone viral on social media, while some artists will win when they enter the election field or the bail will be answered.
Although Rajatapat, a program that informs about the distortions in the field of movies and music videos and encourages good things, was closed for some time after it reached 90 episodes, after some time, Prakash Subedhi combined the three programs that he runs and started Prakash Subedhi himself.
Now, after modifying some glimpses of the silver screen program, they have brought it back into operation in the same old style.  Rajatpat has played a big role in removing the distortions and inconsistencies in the field of Nepali movies and arts. Every Thursday after 8 pm on Ap 1 television, you can watch it on Rajatpat online tv at any time.

And the work of supporting the good things done in the art field and alerting them to the bad things is done by Rajatapat, who has been doing journalism in the field of movies and music videos for a long time, and is managed by the famous journalist Prakash Subedhi.  After that, the next episode will be in the discussion. There will be talks about the works done in the film industry from the past to the present time.

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