The artists and lawyer came to meet the girl who sued Sandeep Lamichhane

Sandeep Lamichhane, the suspended captain of the Nepalese cricket team, went to meet the girl who filed the case, from artists to lawyers in Maiti Nepal, trying to understand the reality of her questions.  According to the lawyer, there is a need for a person to file a case to do various things in court, so he said that people do not have the right to directly keep Maiti in Nepal.

Artist Jai Krishna Basnet has expressed his words that how Maiti Nepal can provide security to the Nepal Police is not able to provide security.  A team of lawyer Yagymani Neupane, Samaj SEBI leader Punya Gautam, artist Jayakrishna Basnet and others have submitted a petition to Maiti Nepal saying that an NGO should not keep the accused on the basis of foreign support.
In addition, the police have said that they are saddened by breaking the privacy and publicizing the rape without any confirmation.  She said that Sandeep, who was born in a Samanya family, is very straightforward and behaves with him no matter what he talks to.  She has said that it is painful to handcuff players who have gained fame at the national and international level directly from the airport, violating their privacy.
Now the two birth registrations of the young woman are about to be published and other false details are also going to be published, she said that she should also be punished for the mistake. It was mentioned in the complaint that Lamichhane took a 17-year-old minor from Kathmandu to Nagarkot in Bhaktapur on August 1st, then on August 5th, Lamichhane stayed with the victim girl in a hotel in Kathmandu.
And that’s where the officer said that she was raped.  He informed that after the medical examination, the victim was kept under the protection of the police.  Lamichhane went to Kenya to play in the T20 series on August 6.  After playing a five-match T20 series in Kenya, he went to play in the Caribbean Premier League in the West Indies.

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