The ball hidden inside the mountain is like this, Bhagya Neupane Olangchung Gola Tour

It is located in Ward No. 7 of Faktalung Govt. Of Taplejung District.  It takes 2-3 days to reach this place from Taplejung. This village has 50-60 houses and about 200 people live there. Its neighboring villages are Yangma and Thichhu.  In places where there is no electricity, the network has been in place for 8-9 months. None of the crops are producing well here, there are floods and landslides.  The atmosphere in this place changes with time, when it snows and when the flowers bloom.

The main occupation of this place is to become a carpet weaver. In Gola, goods come from China even more than from Nepal.  In many villages where there are three Tibetan brides, wooden houses are more common.  There is also a 460-year-old monastery built by people from Tibet.  Bhote dogs are very popular in the school where up to 5th grade is taught. Bhote dogs brought from China are sold in large quantities in Nepal.  People in Kholangchung Gola wake up early in the morning and greet Tuki Waller Day.

He has been depicting the real life of the village society, the journeys of Bhagya Neupane are still moving towards the village place, city, side by side, he has started depicting the real life of the people.  No matter how much technology has developed, the lives of people in some places do not seem to have changed much.  Most of the people in the place started their life from the same old Sally.

The actions of Bhagya Neupane, the editor of Tatato Khabar, had won over many Nepali citizens. For some time now, he had disappeared without revealing any information about himself.  The news came out to be.  Many people were curious about the fate of the people who were suffering and where they went all of a sudden.

Two or three of the news he showed were false, and after he started getting negative comments, his fortune disappeared without being seen on any social media.  He says that he has not been able to connect with the audience for some time now as his family has been infected in Korkana Lockdown.  He has said that he has returned to the same area with the old Jose Jagar.  He has presented the story of why Nepal is crossing the border in today’s series

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