The beauty of Queen Aishwarya that impresses even Mao Tsetung

The beauty of the late Queen Aishwarya was discussed not only in the country but also abroad. The Reporters Club wrote that Rani Aishwarya was very beautiful. Aishwarya was also as described in the women’s scriptures. She was as beautiful as the moon, her face was as bright and smiling, her shiny black hair was really beautiful. Today we are going to discuss the beauty of the late Queen Aishwarya and her.

Rani Aishwarya was born on November 7, 1949 in Lazimpat Darbar as the eldest daughter of General Kendrashamsher Jabar and Rajyalakshmi Rana. She had proposed marriage to the then Prince Birendra Bir Bikram Shah in 2022 BS. After Aishwarya’s marriage, her two daughters Komal and Praksha also married Birendra’s two brothers. Thus marrying three sisters in the same family was a historic event. Aishwarya received her schooling at Helen Convert School, Kharsang and St. Quarry School, Jawalakhel. She also studied humanities from Padma Kanya Campus till graduation. She graduated in 1967.

Even Chinese Mao leader Mao Zedong is understood to have been impressed by her beauty. During a visit to China in 2030 at the invitation of Chinese Prime Minister Zhou Enlai, Mao sought to meet with King Birendra. Mao did not meet anyone, even if he met only briefly. Knowing that he did not meet most of the women, he went alone to meet King Birendra Mao. After seeing King Birendra alone, did Mao look at the smiling face of the Empress? When asked why he was alone, he immediately sent for Aishwarya. After meeting the queen, Mao expressed his satisfaction. This shows the beauty of Queen Aishwarya. He has even written many songs and poems based on her beauty. Rani Aishwarya’s literary name was Chandni. He has written many poems under this name. The songs he wrote were sung by Narayan Gopal.

Queen Aishwarya was also active in social work. She was also the treasurer of Pashupati Area Development Fund and chairperson of the National Coordinating Council for Social Services.

Along with her beauty, her stubborn and strict nature is also discussed. In an article written by her in 2001, Aishwarya is said to be the powerful queen of Nepal. In the article, it was written that his order was followed in the court, the decision of Queen Aishwarya was final and her opinion was not in conflict with anyone.

There was a rumor during the monarchy. That Rani Aishwarya and Swarsamrat Narayan Gopal had a love affair. But no truth has been found in it. It is said that the song sung by Narayan Gopal in pain after the marriage of Rani Aishwarya (how much one loves a man). But this song is only sung by Narayan Gopal. The author was Bhairavnath Rimal. Also, the song written by Rani Aishwarya is also about love, so everyone may have said that there is love between Narayan Gopal and Rani Aishwarya.

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    I think it was late Queen Aishwarya’s sisters not the daughter who married the late King Birendra’s brothers.

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