The beginning of Ramesh Prasai’s dream of wearing a red seal, “red seal” was applied on the bisaya from mcc to wide body.

The galaxy 4k television was started to address the concerns and questions of the Nepali people. A strong young man born in Dharan started the red seal with the aim of making the people talk about various issues with the concerned parties.  To be a citizen of power. Nepali media sector Some have gone ahead to raise the problems of the people while others have gone ahead by making their profession business. Some have been working tirelessly to eradicate inhumane acts like corruption.  Travels have always been moving forward. While the problems of the people are being exposed, the red seal has been started to solve the problems of the people’s interest and grievances.  Is found.

Ramesh Prasai is a born blind man. He was not afraid to speak openly in public. He can never be called a blind man. He is a hero of the Nepali people.  It is believed that Ramesh Prasai’s speech has the power to shake the hearts of even the oldest people in any situation. He is so fearless that there are few people who do not bow before him.  To be a source of inspiration for thousands of people to walk in the path of social change.

Ramesh Prasai used to present his views on socio-political and physical issues. Lamichhane said that if he could bring his talent to the society, he would help him to play an important role in building the society.  Ramesh is going to run a program in the upcoming program. The program he is going to run will be very powerful. It will play an important role in the transformation of the society.

He claimed that the red seal started by Ramesh Prasai has put a red seal on the various activities taking place in the society.  He claims that if there is development in the education sector, there will be development in all sectors and the problems in the education sector will be raised more.  He claims that he will now find a way to improve the society and solve the problem by putting a red stamp on everything in the society.

It is said that Ramesh Prasai’s red seal program will be presented from galaxy 4k to different colleges every week by asking questions on various issues and paving the way for a solution. In the first series,  UML spokesperson Pradip Gwali and former secretary Mukunda Anand have been appointed as the supervisors of the dialogue.

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