tHE bRAVO dELTA show with bHUSAN dAHAL | C.P Mainali | EPI 43

Chandra Prakash Mainali more commonly known as C. P. Mainali is a communist politician in Nepal. He was born to Dhanpati and Chandrakumari Mainali. In the early 1970s he was one of the radical communists who led the Jhapa rebellion, inspired by the Naxalite movement in India.

The bravo delta show is a talk show presented by Bhusan Dahal at AP1 HD. Bhusan Dahal is a Nepalese Television personality and a media personality since 1998. He was born on 18th May, 1966. He contributes a lot to a Nepalese television and a video industry. He is best known for his movie Kagbeni. He was the first executive producer of the image channel and executive director for Dibyyadrishti. He has his own television production venture in Nepal before joining the Kantipur TV. He was the chief executive producer of the Kantipur Television.

It is a weekly news documentary show. Dahal is one of the pioneers of documentary in Nepal. It reflects the 30 years of Television experience gained by Dahal. It is presented every Wednesday at 9pm. As already mentioned above, the presenter and producer of the show is Bhusan Dahal. The show is brought to us by Nepal Finance Limited, Lumbini Bikash Bank Limited, Hero, Himal Steel, and Prabhu Bank. Dahal have an outstanding personality.

The way of presenting himself in a show is really unique and amazing. In his show, he organizes the conversation between different renowned personalities of Nepal, mostly who are under the political and governmental areas. It tries to show the known and unknown facts of the country, it also presents the innovative things inside it. The program is hosted by indulging with nation, nationality, national unity and national integrity. Dahal have different vision and different mission in the show. The show is now becoming the scenario of common people lifestyle of the Nepal.

The show is not only about taking the interview. But it also includes the different other domains and sub domains. The show is not only limited within the closed room, nor the program is only people oriented but it is about capturing a particular topic, and to go in depth within that topic the show can be presented within any national and international domain. The way of saying and presenting may be different but the program is only centered toward the country and the Nepalese people. The show not only presents the political and social issues but economic growth of the country will also be chosen and included inside the program.

In a whole, the show includes the National story, social story and the political story of the country. The people want by the particular subject are called and shown between the Nepalese citizens. The first guest that had been welcomed in the bravo delta show is our president “KP sharma oli”. The program is stilling running in AP1 HD and also presents in its official You Tube channel.

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