The check bounced case sent Ramhari in the police cage, handcuffed in the hands of the swindler.

Ram Hari Thapa, a resident of Gokarna in the capital of Sindhupalchok, had been bargaining for money by registering a company and becoming a share member. He has been taken to the cage by the police.  Ram Hari, who is also the operator of Golden Price Construction, had cheated Navin Raj by abusing the old check of Nepal Everest Bank where the account was blocked. Ram Hari, 44, had become an Arab husband by cheating the world.  By cheating, he would become a millionaire husband.

With the help of Ram Hari, the three had drowned their brother-in-law so badly that they could not get up. They had been absconding for a month after the Kathmandu District Court’s decision after the check bounced.  They have been cheating by using their property in the name of others. They have been found cheating by using other people’s property without keeping anything in their name. They have also been cheating their close friends. Naveen Raut is a share member of Golden Price Construction  After becoming a shareholder, his assets were kept in the bank. He had recently taken a loan from NMB Bank.

The Rams and his accomplices have no assets in their names, and there is no basis for foreclosure on their property. Niban Raut’s house and land will be auctioned off by the bank.  According to a letter from the Inland Revenue Department and Nepal Rasta Bank Finance Department, following the company’s instructions, the company’s business does not appear to have taken place anywhere.  He used to cheat people using old checks. He finds himself running around thinking of becoming a millionaire by wasting people.

According to the victim, Nabin has been blacklisted and intends to push the business connected with him. He has said that he has a plan to deceive himself everywhere.  In the name of his brother-in-law Kumar Shrestha, the checks were cut and bounced.  Ramhari played a game of bouncing company checks and drowning his own shareholders. Ramhari, who thought he would become a millionaire by ruining his friends, has been jailed for two years indefinitely. He was sentenced on Sunday to two years.

Ramhari has been using his relatives to defraud his friends. He has been jailed for fraud and embezzlement.  He has been accused of bouncing checks and bargaining in the name of other companies and people without even knowing it.  Naveen says people who are not affiliated with his company have been cheating by cutting checks. He has been planning to never return the money taken from people, and to deceive people on various charges. Using the blacklisted company’s checks,  His friends say that he can’t count on a small amount of money.

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