The condition of Nepalis going to India for employment is painful

As the festival approaches, it feels like returning home from abroad. Laughing happily with the family at home and forgetting the sorrows and cost of living abroad for a while.  From generation to generation, it is common to go abroad for employment. Until the arrival of Kovid, there was an influx of people coming to Nepal from abroad during the festival.  Separation has been seen at Ghuicho Naka.


Most of the Nepali brothers and sisters have not waited for the site of Dasai. They have been waiting for the site of going to India.  It has become a nightmare for Man Bhab, who has been living at home for a long time due to loss of employment due to Kovid.  He has to go abroad to bring happiness in his face.

During the festival, no one wants to enjoy sitting at home with their family. Due to the compulsion, there are between 700-1000 people coming out of a checkpoint from the far west every day.  India is chosen for easy earning due to the open gates from Parbaje. People do not need a visa or passport to go there. It is not stopped for any reason.

India has become the choice of most of the common Nepalis as it is easy to come and go and there is no problem of bidding as it is a neighboring country.  There is a problem of being forced to stick to it. Ordinary people have to face many problems as they have to throw extra food on the road as there is a risk of death.

Although there are many organizations for Nepali citizens working abroad, they say that it is not very effective for Nepali citizens working in India due to open borders.  However, no service facility has been provided for Nepalis living abroad. The government of Nepal has been putting oil on the ears of Nepalis who have gone abroad with tears in their eyes since the fire of Ser Bahadur Deuba, who has been the Prime Minister for five terms.  It has been seen that Nepali citizens have to spend their precious lives without getting medical treatment.

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