The corpse is growing in Pashupati and the relatives are crying

The number of corpses dying from corona in Pashupati has started increasing, domestic and international flights have been suspended till mid-April.
Corona infection is increasing daily in Nepal. Some experts have indicated that the situation could be similar to that in neighboring Nepal. But the leaders who have taken charge of the country are in the lurch. The Ministry of Health, which has been urging the general public to adhere to health standards, has not been able to bind the leaders to this rule.

The number of deaths due to corona infection is also increasing daily. In Kathmandu, as many people die due to corona, Pashupati’s electric body is being buried in Daha. The death toll has been rising for the past few days and the crowd outside the electric crematorium has started increasing. Although the Pashupati Area Development Fund has set up two cremation machines, only one is working at present. One is in the process of being repaired. Since it takes a quarter to two hours to cremate a corpse, there is a line outside the mortuary. The sight of a relative crying along with the corpse of a person who died due to corona has made the scene of this area emotional.

As soon as the line of corpses started appearing, the bodies have been cremated with firewood since Monday following the health standards.
Even when the corpse of a person who died from corona is approached, the mentality of moving corona remains. But this mentality is said to be wrong. Because of this, an elderly man in India has suffered at his wife’s funeral. A picture of a 55-year-old Indian man carrying the body of his wife, who died from corona, on a bicycle has gone viral on social media. Although his wife, who died in Corona, was taken to the village by ambulance, no one from the village came for the funeral. Police immediately assisted in his wife’s funeral after a compassionate photo of him riding his bicycle went viral on social media. Only after the police arrived did some villagers come to his aid.

The Nepal Army has been managing the bodies of those who died due to corona in Nepal. According to a Nepal Army spokesperson, the trained army has been deployed in different parts of the country. The Nepal Army takes charge when a request is made to manage the body. In this case, the Ministry of Health has been providing PPE equipments. The spokesperson said that the relatives of the deceased should also be informed about the location of the bodies being buried by the Nepal Army.

On Monday, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli addressed the nation. The Prime Minister has said in his address that the domestic flights have been suspended from 12 noon on April 6 to mid-April. Similarly, international flights will be closed from 12 midnight on April 7 to mid-April. Only 13 Nepal-India border checkpoints have been opened for the entry of Nepali citizens. In his address, the Prime Minister said that the Nepal Army has been instructed to build a temporary 1,000-bed hospital in the states and the federation as soon as possible.

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