The country where the world’s most venomous bird is found, with 850 different languages ​​spoken

Everyone knows about the country of Pappuwa Niugini. But only a few people know about the features of that country. In today’s series we will give information about the country of Pappuwa Niugini. The name of the capital of this country is Pot Mostabi. The official name of this country is the Independent State of Pappuwa Niugini. The country is spread over 4 lakh 62 thousand 840 square kilometers. This country is 3 times bigger than Nepal. The average life expectancy of the people of this country, which has a population of 91.11 million, is 65 years.

The country ranks 55th in terms of area and 98th in terms of population. Thirteen percent of the country’s population lives in cities, while 87 percent live in rural areas. The country’s western border is with Indonesia. It is bordered by Australia to the south and Solomon Islands to the southeast. This country is no different from the country of the youth.

This country is known in the world as a country with unique practices and poverty. Christianity is predominant in this country. There are more than 600 islands in this country. Every island here is different. So people living on one island have no idea what people living on another island are doing. This is the characteristic of this country. Although the country is poor, it is rich in language. People here speak 850 different languages. Just as the islands are different, so is the way of life and language of the people who live here. The people of this country have difficulty even speaking because the people of one island speak one language and the people of another island speak another language.

Many women here have been victims of domestic violence. The women here are not safe. Women here are not going to report to the police even if they are beaten by men on the street. Therefore, the women here have built a safe house together. Such safe houses are run by the women here. They also take training for self-defense. Even so, the right to land belongs to women. Some countries in the world.

In the case of land in the name of the father, there is land in the name of the woman or mother. After getting married on an island here, the boy comes and stays at the girl’s house. Since the land is in the name of the girl, the boy will come and live in the girl’s house after marriage. Sixty-one percent of the people in this country are literate and 49 percent are illiterate. Even today, the situation in this country is still critical compared to other countries. The most venomous bird is found in this country. Hooded Pitori can be poisoned just by touching it.

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