The dirtiest man in the world died after taking a bath

Cleanliness is very important in the life of any animal, which makes people’s daily life easier and faster to keep them healthy. According to international news media, Iran’s Amou Haji is known as the dirtiest man in the world. He took a bath after 50 years at the request of his villager and died in a few months. Iran’s Amou Haji, known as the dirtiest man in the world, has died at the age of 94. According to international media, it had been more than half a century since he had not used water and soap. After people did not use water and soap for years, their bodies were accumulating dirt day by day. Even when the locals repeatedly asked him to clean it, they did not accept it. There was a great fear that they would catch diseases because of the dirt.

According to Iranian media, he died last Sunday in Dejgah village in the southern province of Fars, Iran. Haji had not bathed his body with water for 50 years, after the villagers encouraged him to bathe frequently, he was ready to bathe. A few months ago, the villagers encouraged him to take a bath. Irna News Agency reported that he died within a few months of taking a bath. The villagers said that Haji may have stopped bathing due to some incident when he was young. She was afraid that she would get sick after taking a bath. That is why he refused to take bath and eat clean food. Amou living in a house made of bricks used to eat the meat of dead animals and smoke a lot. Amau, who faced a lot of pain and suffering in his life, struggled to live a different life. His skin had turned black due to sitting in the dirt, and his face had rotten flesh.

A documentary called ‘A Strange Life of Amou Haji’ was made about him in 2013. He used to think that even fresh food would make him sick, but he used to smoke a lot of hookahs mixed with animal excrement. He wore thick clothes and lived in a hut made by the villagers. He did not even drink clean water. He was fond of smoking. In one photo, he is seen smoking several cigarettes at once. A different path in the life of any creature produces many different elements in its life, which influence its life.

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