The doctor claims that the rape report will not be made after 24 hours

In Nepal, in recent times, many people have been saying that a virgin has been ripped off, but many are still suffering. According to Dr. Yum Dua, a woman can be checked within 24 hours to find out if she has been raped or not. “As time goes on, his evidence will be destroyed,” he said.

Immoral acts such as rape and rape have been on the rise in recent times, with many medical reports missing due to various reasons, according to Dr. Yum Dua. According to Dr. Yum, it is wrong to say that a girl’s virginity is ripped apart through physical contact.

He said that the girl’s nets were broken when the girls were going up and down, working, riding bicycles, motorcycles, jumping, talking about Sarik Bam. “Even if women are ready to have sex during menstruation, they will be ready to have a full-fledged mental and physical relationship only when they reach the age of 18,” he said.

He said that the sooner a woman is brought for a check-up after being raped, the less fear there is of losing evidence. According to Dr. Yum, since the semen survives for 24-48 hours, the longer the delay for the check-up, the more the evidence is lost. He said that in order to prevent violence against women, rape and other social evils, most of the development needs to be done in the education sector.

“People use temporary means 72 hours a day to make it easier for themselves, so they need to be fully aware of any means to make it easier for them,” he said. As the 72-hour temporary means will affect a woman’s menstrual cycle in other areas, it is better to use a temporary temporary means, said Dr. Yum.

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