The driver from Sisgol, who was drowning in the mud, said about Balen

Drivers driving on the Sisdol road, especially tipper garbage trucks, are now more comfortable than ever before when they get stuck in a muddy hill. He said that he has played an important role in the construction and he has sincerely believed that the driver’s grief will be resolved soon.

Although the driver of the vehicle did not allow Balen Sah to work for the people of the political party, he said that he believed that he would play a special role for the protection of the rights and interests of the Nepali people. Since it is not possible to stop anywhere by carrying a garbage truck, he said that he would be very comfortable if he was made comfortable on this road soon. With the removal of most of the garbage in Sisidol, Kathmandu, there is a growing desire for people to do something about Balen, which plays an important role in changing society. According to Raj Kumar Neupane, Aheb of the health post, the road is getting new, he said, adding that he hopes to get service facility later as the road is getting muddy and he has to fight even if he has to walk on foot.

He said that he has to walk for hours to reach the office. According to Neupane, Balen Sah, who has been here twice since he became the mayor, said that he did not get any information about the health facility and how the service facility is being provided. “Everyone has to discuss and find a solution,” he said. He said that since there is a lot of garbage in Sisidol, all the people have to constantly move in front of it to manage it. As health is the greatest priority in human life, it should be given first priority, he said.

Garbage in Kathmandu has also caused some people to fall ill and lose their lives. Garbage has been piled up in Sisdol for a long time, some of them have lost their lives quickly, and nowadays they have demanded to manage the garbage so that their children do not have to lose their lives in the same way. For two decades, health check-ups have been conducted in Sisdol to check the health of people who have health problems due to garbage. With the health of the locals as a special priority, the health Sibir is said to have been conducted, the locals are happy and thank Balen Sah.

“Our country is a country with great potential in all fields including agro-tourism. If we can make good use of the opportunities here, Nepalis should stay away from the compulsion to go abroad,” he said. According to Balen, it is essential for the youth to take the lead in order to change the Nepali society. She said that the youth should show their power in the social change. In a time when the old society and culture are changing, people are robbing others of their happiness for their own happiness, even if the society calls me crazy, my rhythm is my own, I am happy in my world, many people forget the social culture and walk in their world. He called for a change in the status quo.

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