The driver who ran away with such a beautiful girl in college dress, couple went viral on the tik tok

People fall in love when they are in school. Some people find a good mate and some people find it difficult. Some people find it difficult to develop their ability to make decisions about their life as a child.  Life seems to be used in a more wrong way. Some sensible people are the only ones who get their mate right. Couples who have been in love for a long time understand each other and get married and still have a good family.  Man’s life is so important that he knows it only when he has it.

A love couple from Ardhakhachi’s Sanpa Pa 10 Dhurbadada house is very popular now. They got married out of love. It took 4 months to talk to each other.  The boyfriend, who has not paid for 4-5 months to understand love, says that he became close after everything started to look good.

Deepak GC and Kalpana GC have now won the hearts of many by making their organic thing in a yap called Tiktak.  The husband and wife have a 4-year-old son who works as a housemaid. The husband, who has been driving for three years, says that everyone in his house is happy.

The GC family, who got married after falling in love for 4 years, says that they have been married for 6 years now.  The husband and mother are trying to show the real pain of the young generation by saying that they can’t leave the city as it is their biggest asset.

She says that she fell in love with him because of her habit of laughing even if she was angry for a while.  The couple, who live in everyone’s heart and smile, say that they are happy in the family as well.

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