The famous female tiger “Kalarwali” went to mourn

Death is true, it is not terrifying, the work done by any soul while it is alive, has made it radiant. Animals, like any other creature, keep it alive for a lifetime. Once born, it is natural to die. Those who do good deeds while alive are remembered and honored, even after death. The news of his death has become a stagnant mourning on social media. The deeds of a creature keep him alive for the rest of his life.

The most famous person in the world is mourning the death of Baghini at the Pench Tribe Reserve in Madhya Pradesh, India. Born in India, the mother is known as Super Ao, who, by doing important things in her life, properly nurtured her children. By giving birth, by raising well, she had earned her name.

The news of Super Mother’s death has saddened wildlife lovers. An animal has made a name for itself by doing such a great thing in life, even though it has departed from the world. They live with more love, they live with dangerous animals, they live together, they live together with any creature, if they develop the right habits as a child, they show that they become like human beings. She lost her life at the age of 17. People have paid homage.

She was born in 2005 in Pench National Park. She gave birth to her first child in 2008, three years after she was born. Dammaru was born. Kallarwali, who gave birth to three babies in 2021, had not given birth to five cubs before that in 2011. At one time, it was considered rare for a tiger to give birth to five cubs, according to the officials of Pench National Park.

Yash Baghini was first given a radio caller in Pench Park to monitor her activities, then she was known as Kallarwali. She was given the tag of Supermum after contributing to the increase in the number of tigers. Last tribute to Kallarwali Many people were present during the day. According to the Pench National Park, the biggest picture in the world was taken

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