The first divergent plane landed at Gautama Buddha International Airport.

Jajira’s J9548 flight from Kubet to Kathmandu was scheduled to land at Tribhuvan International Airport. Has given information. The flight left for Kathmandu at 6 am after the weather cleared. The plane landed at Tribhuvan Airport at 6:53 am. This is the first case of an aircraft being diverted to Nepal and landing in Nepal.

Some time ago, planes that could not land at Tribhuvan Airport landed in Lucknow, India, in case the international airline could not reach the destination. Yes. The right to decide where to land and what to do with the aircraft arriving in Nepal is in the hands of the flying captain. Jajira was also the first to fly on Gautam Buddha Air.

After 75 years, the second largest airport in Nepal has come into operation. The airport, which covers an area of ​​810 bighas, will fly to different countries. International flights have been operated for the first time from Gautam Buddha International Airport, the second largest airport in Nepal.

For the first time, a White Body aircraft conducted flight tests at Gautam Buddha Airport, the country’s second-largest airport, after a successful landing on Thursday. After 74 years of operation of Tribhuvan International Airport, another cool airport has come into operation. The plane carrying Nepal flag landed at 5:55 pm. The plane carrying communications personnel and tourism professionals landed at 55 minutes from Kathmandu. Using the old runway as taxi parking, the new runway has been brought into operation. Jazeera has agreed to fly the next jet three days a week from Kuwait, while other companies are also showing interest.

Gautam Buddha Airport, the second largest airport in Nepal after Tribhuvan Airport, is being tested in the last phase. Aerodical Radio of Thailand, a special aircraft of Aerothai, which has been awarded the contract for equipment connection and testing, has started the test. After the test, Ever Bus A13 of Nepal Air will start the first test. It is said that full preparations are being made for international service, from here flights of Qatar, Dubai, Sri Lanka and Myanmar Airways will be flown. It is understood that propaganda has also been made for the flight with Thailand, Australia and India.

Gautam Buddha International Airport, the largest and most service-oriented airport in Nepal, is ready to be built. Gautam Buddha International Airport has been prepared to provide facilities. People are able to fly to many countries from Gautam Buddha Airport, which is about to get ready for Bhaurahawa. With the construction of the existing airport in Bhairahawa, it has been a matter of happiness for Nepalis from all walks of life.

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