The first high-tech industrial park in Nepal

A big industrial park is being built in Jhapa district. The park is occupying its space more in air than in the land. In this year 4 big industrial parks are going to be made but this park is quite different among the four. This park has different perspective and vision. Our prime minister KP sharma oli had inauguration this park at the month of falgun 14.

With being inauguration, this park will be one of the great industrial area of the country. Its not only the industrial field but is also an industrial park of the country. This park is extended within the Jhapa Damak Municipality, Gauradaha Municipality and the Kamal village municipality. The China-Nepal friendship Industrial park can also be called as a high-tech park. This park occupies the space of 2000 bigha or 26000 ropani. The first construction work is being made within the 1300 bigha. The main theme of this park is to worldwide the “Made in Nepal” products. This park will be spread in the sky more than in the land. This will promote the things made in Nepal globally.

This park will cover the various domains or products from the electrical machineries to the textile products. This park will not only increase the economic condition of the country but also promote in the development of the technologies inside the country. This park will help to increase the job opportunity to the many Nepalese youths, which helps to decrease the unemployment rate from the country. People who go to Malayisa, Katar, Dubai in search of job opportunity will get the employment in our own country Nepal. The park will cover the different areas including, electrical, fruticulture, motors, machineries, textiles, and many more.

This park will develop the high-quality products and sell it to the international markets so that all others country can taste the Nepali products. In one hand, it will develop a lot of job opportunities for many Nepalese youths while in the other hand, it will help to develop the country economically. The cost of this park will cost around 64 Arab, where our neighboring country is providing the supportive hand for it. This park will give the new route for the Nepal economical condition. In first step, 491 industries will be built, 1,00,000 peoples will get the opportunity directly and many mores will get the opportunities indirectly. China Lasa economic zone is taking the responsibility of building this park. So that we Nepalese can get a big chance to learn a lot of things from them, their vision, mission and the working style of the chinese. This will be the great achievement for our country Nepal.

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