The first movie in history, 14peaks: Nathing is impossible, frist Nepali netflix shrinkhala and Rajesh hamal

Nepalis have created one world after another. Despite the limited resources, Nepalis have made a history that no one is inferior to anyone.  It is also a means of identification. While discovering new things in the world, Nepalis have clearly shown that no one is inferior to anyone.  People have to go through a lot of hardships in their life.

Nimal Purja, a brave 38-year-old Nepali born in Myadi district, has seen the work done. Purja, who successfully climbed 14 high mountains in a period of 6 months and set a world record, is now in everyone’s heart.  He started his ascent from Annapurna Himal on April 26, 2076. His expedition ended from Sisapanga Himal in China in the month of Kartik. Nirmal is a brave warrior leading 10 people.  This is the second world artificial.

The film was released on November 29 by Netflix in Nepal as well as in the United States. The film was shot in Nepal as well as in the United Kingdom. Famous Nepalese artists, leaders, businessmen and politicians were also present at the premiere.  From Putin to actor Rajesh Hamal, Silpa Maskey, former Miss Nepal Malvikas Subba, Nirman Chaudhary of Chaudhary group, former Miss Nepal and many others, there was a gathering of many people.  Has told.

The photo of Sisin Bania, also known as the lover of the series Khatiwada, sharing popcorn with Tirsana Gurung at the premiere of the show has gone viral on social media.  Everyone who watched the movie was very happy. Not only in Nepal, but also in the United States, people who watch the movie have given great a message.

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