The government has a plan to earn millions in every hill of Nepal

Minister Sher Bahadur Tamang complains that the system of things is not good in Nepal. Nepali students are forced to go abroad for study. He argued that if the government could establish medical colleges and engineering colleges in Nepal with proper arrangements, then India, China and Australia would not have to go. His question is why we have not been able to establish these educational institutions in Nepal by the government. He said that violence against Nepali girls was taking place during the study.

Different parties and individuals came to the post of minister in different periods. But they have not been able to establish and manage any kind of educational institution from the government level. But on the basis of the commission, they are opening the bar by recognizing the private campuses.

According to Minister Tamang, they have a plan to hand over Rs 100 million to each face after 15 years. Nepal and China planned to cultivate musk together. At present, China is earning a lot of income from Kastu farming. He argues that if Nepal also cultivates musk, millions can be earned in the hills of Nepal. He said that now they have a plan to make money in Nepal’s mountains and bushes and not in the Arabian Gulf.

Many medical colleges are yet to open in Nepal. Every year, 18,000 students from Nepal fill out forms for medical education. But even 1800 of them are not allowed to study. And those students are forced to go abroad to study in other countries with green passports. But now he argues that an environment should be created for all those students to study in Nepal. He said that this was his objective and that this work was possible under the leadership of Capioli.
With the establishment of the popular communist movement, millions of Nepali people are ready to stand up for this movement. The psychology of Nepalis has increased. He said that Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli was moving forward by organizing the sentiments of millions of Nepalis by organizing this psychology.

The country now needs to be taken on the path of prosperity. He said that we should move forward in consensus and cooperation rather than protesting and agitating in some political events. He said that they would gladly accept any decision taken by the Supreme Court as they stand for the prosperity of the country.

Nepali youths study and get certificates and go to the Arabian Gulf to work up a sweat carrying a green passport. They are suffering for the prosperity of the Arab countries rather than for the prosperity of their country. However, Minister Tamang said that arrangements will be made for the youths to work in Nepal.

He said that now the property details of the people holding public office in this country should be made public. He also said that the commission is working for the party to make a law keeping these things in mind.

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