The government has decided to start flights to China, Qatar and Turkey from June 3

The government has decided to start flights to China, Qatar and Turkey. Minister for Tourism and Civil Aviation Bhanubhakta Dhakal informed about this in an interview program. Passengers from the countries where the flight resumed have been vaccinated twice and have to stay in the home quarantine.

If only one person has been vaccinated, he / she has to stay in the hotel quarantine and if he / she comes with 72 hours PCR negative, he / she has not been vaccinated. He said that the decision to operate regular flights once a week was taken at the cabinet meeting on Thursday.

He said that this was done to control the necessary diseases. Minister for Tourism Bhanubhakta Acharya said that such an arrangement has been made so that others are not unnecessarily benefited financially during the crisis. As the epidemic has not stopped, there will be no immediate international flights to other countries. The flight will be maintained as the epidemic chain has to be broken.Minister for Tourism and Civil Aviation Bhanubhakta Dhakal said that the ban on international flights would be maintained for the prevention and control of the virus.

Considering that the risk of the new variant is also increasing, the government has immediately decided not to open international flights to countries other than these countries. “As the situation improves, we are planning to open one or two more flights a year to open international flights,” he said. He said that international flights will be fully opened only after the risk is completely eliminated.

The government has now suspended international flights till midnight on May 30. Minister Dhakal said the ban on domestic flights would remain in place until further notice. Chartered, rescue, cargo and diplomatic flights are now being operated regularly. It is said that such flights will not be stopped.

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