The government has opened Tribhuvan International Airport for Indians only

With the increasing infection of Covid 19, it is going on all over the country. The government has
suspended international flights to prevent the spread of the infection. International flights were
suspended as the corona outbreak spread to neighboring India. As soon as the flight was
canceled, Indian nationals used to travel to third countries using Nepal’s Tribhuvan International
Airport. Thus, the process of hundreds of Indian nationals coming to Nepal by land and going to
third countries was stopped after Nepal stopped international flights. There are still many Indian
citizens in Nepal.

Accordingly, the Government of Nepal has allowed Indian nationals in Nepal to board 10 flights
to Saudi Arabia. Out of which 7 flights have been allowed to Nepal Airlines Corporation and 3
flights to Himalayan Airlines.

Nepali workers who have been sweating in foreign lands for two meals a day have not been
able to go abroad again. But the Nepali government is ready to take the Indian nationals stuck
in Nepal to third countries. The Government of Nepal is more concerned about the plight of its
citizens than the plight of its citizens. They have not been able to rescue the stranded Nepali
citizens. Some have not been able to bring the bodies of those who died abroad. But less than
15 days after the closure of international flights, a sudden decision by the Council of Ministers
has reopened it to Indian citizens. Nearly 2,000 Nepali nationals preparing to go to Saudi Arabia
for employment have not been stopped after the flight was canceled. Meanwhile, the Nepali
government has stopped flights for its own citizens. But in order to bring the Indian national to
Saudi Arabia, a sudden cabinet meeting has decided to allow two airlines to fly for chartered

The proposal was submitted by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation at the request
of the Indian Embassy. The ministry has immediately addressed the proposal and arranged for
a chartered flight to take the Indian national to Saudi Arabia. It has been stated that Nepali
citizens will not be allowed to return to Saudi Arabia with Indian nationals. Nepali workers who
have to return to Nepal for various reasons are anxiously waiting to return to Nepal. However,
the Council of Ministers has decided to return the ship empty. This shows that the government
of Nepal has only worked for the benefit of Indian citizens. There is no relief for Nepali citizens.
Stating that the foreign nationals who came to Nepal with the idea of ​​going abroad using
Nepal’s transit were stranded, the Indian embassy had requested to make arrangements for
their repatriation. The embassy submitted the demand to the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and
Civil Aviation and the cabinet meeting approved it. About 2,000 Indian nationals are preparing to fly abroad. They have been allowed to fly from Tuesday, May 15.

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