The grand Welcome to Kajal Joshi in Chhatra Shahi’s village.

In the famous television program Indreni, the popular pair Chhatra Shahi and Kajal Joshi tied the marriage. For a long time, Chhatra Shahi and Kajal Joshi had been in love. They announced their marriage from the studio of the Indreni program a while ago. In the village, the couple married.


Marital life has started between Chhatra Shahi and Kajal Joshi. The video of the marriage between Kajal and Chhatra has come out. The married life between the two has started after reaching the village where Chhatra was born. Everyone was commenting on the video saying that the wedding of Chhatra should be with Kajal.

Chhatra is a successful singer born in the far west. They have been applying love in their married life for almost 3 years. Indreni Tim has also arrived at Chhatra’s wedding. Krishna Kandel has not been seen in the video. Whether Krishna Kandel has arrived or not will be known in the upcoming videos. Umbrella royal.

Chhatra Shahi and Kajal Joshi, who made a name for themselves by singing live in Indreni, had been in a love affair for a long time. Some time ago, they had announced their marriage from the studio of Indreni program. The couple got married in the village.

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